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Gel add on $15

Basic Manicure


Our basic treatment includes nail trimming, reshaping, cuticle grooming, and buffing, followed by a relaxing hot lotion hand massage and sanitizing hot towel wrap. The treatment finished with your choice of polish.

Aroma Manicure


This is an extended version of our classic manicure with aromatic salt scrub of your choice to exfoliate the skin and deeply moisturize our lovely hands. Our collection of aromatic salts contains only natural ingredients infused with essential oils and minerals that will make your skin feel amazing.

Gel Manicure


Tired of regular nail polish chipping off? Why not try our gel polish! each gel application is cured under LED light to provide with a warm lotion massage and hot towel to achieve the total relaxation for hands and arms.

Anti-Agin Manicure


Treat your hands to a "facial" to keep them looking as young as you feel. This manicure begins with proper pampering of your nails. Next, see salt scrub is used to exofoliate dead skins. Collagen gloves enriched with Shea Butter, argan oil and vegetable oil are wrapped around hands to insulate skin from premature aging and provide nourishing moisture.
The gloves are made with dual layer biodegradable material which also provides protaction from UV light. The manicure is finished with a deep hand massage and hot towel.


$50 +

- Dipping powder (on nature nail): $50
- Dipping Full-set (with nail's tip): $60+


$55 +

Omber, Chrome, Glitte or Specialty Collections (Add on $10).


Luxury Pedicure


Spoil yourself with our luxurious pedicure- THE HONEY PEARL. Volcanic crystals and activators are added to your soak to detoxify and soften your feet. A sugar scrub is then massaged gently to exfoliate. These raw sugars and essential oils help renew the texture of your skin and enhance vibrancy. Followed by a collagen cream mask, 15-minute massage, hot paraffin wax or Collagen Soks, callus remover, and warm towels. Finish with your choice of nail lacquer. This treatment will leave your skin feeling silky, luxurious, and hydrated.

Ultimate "CBD" (Cannabidiol) Pedicure


Our all-in-one exclusive "CBD" pedicure will provide your feet with the most relaxing way possible. Your feet will be soaked into a volcano eruption 5-steps "CBD" pedicure with rose petals and lemon slices to create a refreshing sensation. Volcano CBD can help improve the skin's appearance and elasticity. Our package contains rich, effective formulas including masks and lotion made with collagen to help revive and moisturize dry skin all day long.
Service includes:
Callus removal, nails cut/file, feet scrub, 20 minutes massage with collagen socks or paraffin wax and hot towel then nail polish of your choice.
CBD Benefits:
- Anxiety relief
- Anti-seizure
- Pain Relief
- Cancer Treatment

Collagen Pedicure


The procedure starts with soaking your feet in aromatic salts and cleaning nails/cuticles. The essential oil scrub and mud mask are used to exfoliate and moisturize skin. Warm lotion and hot rock massage are followed to deeply relax the muscle and improve blood circulation. Lastly, collagen socks are wrapped around the feet containing olive oil and argan oil.

Jelly Pedicure


Natural plant extracts and oils combined with warm water transform into translucent jelly. The jelly work as an exfoliant while plant oil deeply moisturizes. Your feet will be exfoliated with sea salt scrub and rehydrated with paraffin wax and a mud mask. A hot stone and warm lotion massage to finish off the procedure.

DETOX Pedicure


This pedicure increases the feeling of well-being and enhances your life! it begins with soaking your feet in black charcoal-infused to prep the feet. Then black charcoal scrub is used to exfoliate the skin. Then black charcoal mask if applied draws out leftover impurities and replenishes the skin with nourishing moisturizers. Lastly, a long-lasting massage with paraffin wax.

Lavender Pedicure


Your feet will be exfoliated with lavender-rich scrub and rejuvenated with a mud mask Lavender is essential o help eliminate pointers and disinfect the scalp and skin Lavender scent also help with sleep disorders. The pedicure is finished with a hot stone massage.

Orange Pedicure


The pedi begins with nail care such as shaping cuticle trimming and smooth buffing is performed. Sinis then thoroughly smoothest with a refreshing grapefruit sea salt. Skiness is sealed with a mud mask and paraffin wax enriched with anti-aging extracts that reduce skin water loss. The first step is a hot stone and warm lotion massage.

Coffee and Cream Pedicure


Coffee bean help repair and retain moisture in the skin with anti-inflammatory factors. Start with soaking your feet in ore and rose petal bath to soften and nourish skin, then your feet are exfoliated with coffee bean scrub and rehydrated with a mud mask and par wax and finished off with a hot stone massage.

Coconut Oil Pedicure


How relaxing and sweet coconut and pineapple are Coconut will protect moisture and heal while pineapple is full of vitamin C and antioxidants. The two together are perfect if you're about to get ready for some fun.
Other Services

Other Services

Gel odd on $15

Pedicure Gel

$15 Add

Children's manicures & pedicures

$30 Up

Children's Pedicure (12 yrs & under)


Gel polish Change (pedi)


Gel polish Change (Mani)


Polish Change (Mani)


Polish Change (Pedi)


French Tips


Special Callus Removal

$10 Add

We provide revolutionary formulas to deeply exfoliate callus-prone skin. We apply the natural removal product and then use the callus remover device to take away dead skin under your feet.




Upper Lip



$10 +

Full Face


Under Arms

$15 +

Full Arms

$40 +

Half Legs

$35 +

Full Legs



$30 +


$30 +


$25 +




$50 +